Gskyer Telescope Az50350 Review 2022 German Technology

If you are still having a hard time to decide whether you want to get the best gskyer telescope then gskyer telescope az50350 is a good choice, let me be of assistance. This review article should provide answers concerning all aspects of this telescope.

There is a powerful telescope for every product under the sun, and I’m not talking about telescopes you can use when you’re well, under the Sun. These telescopes have been designed with affordability in mind. 

If you’re on a tight budget but still want powerful devices to successfully explore the night sky, any of these will fit the bill. They have impressive optical power, a convenient footprint, and a price tag that makes them affordable for just about anyone.

Discover the leading telescope that can be your guide to explore and enjoy all you need in the galaxy. The telescope is a reliable, heavy-duty tool for astronomers and astrophysicists, who often use it at night to find out more about our galaxy. It also comes with numerous benefits, which are discussed in this gskyer telescope az50350 review.

Gskyer Telescope Az50350 Review

The gskyer telescope AZ50350 is a wonderful example of high quality at an affordable price. This telescope has a 50mm aperture, 350mm focal length, and a 3X Barlow lens, which makes for a very clear viewing experience. The telescope comes with 2000mm nighttime sky-watching capability and has a 45 degree tilt capacity.

The objective lens on this telescope is 50mm in diameter and has a double-lens system to reduce optical aberrations and enhance the visuals. The lenses are made of high quality BaK4 optical glass with multi-layer anti-reflection coatings to ensure the best image possible. You will be able to see much more detail than you would have expected with this telescope’s large magnification power.

The AZ50350 comes with two eyepieces: one with 20mm focal length and 4X zoom, the other with 6.5mm focal length and 30X zoom. With these two eyepieces, you will be able to view the moon in great detail and also be able to view planets like Jupiter in astounding clarity. This telescope also features an erecting prism that flips images from inverted to correct position, which is extremely helpful when viewing objects as close as the moon or planets.

It is a compact, lightweight, and easy to use beginner telescope perfect for viewing the skies with both children and adults. The Gskyer AZ50350 may be a small scope, but it has a big heart! Although this scope is easy to hold and set up, it’s still a powerful tool for stargazing! 

The Gskyer AZ50350 features an altazimuth mount that features slow motion controls for in-focus ease of use. This mount can be adjusted easily by hand so you can set up your telescope wherever there is clear view of the sky. Because the telescope has an altazimuth mount, this makes it easier to locate objects in the sky and follow them as they move across the night sky.

If you are just getting into astronomy as a hobbyist or are looking for a great gift for your child, we recommend checking out the Gskyer AZ50350 Telescope! You’ll have hours of fun learning about objects in the night sky and having family time looking at the stars!

One of the best things about this device is the fact that it works for both indoor and outdoor use. While some telescopes are designed only for outdoors, this one can be used either way. Its sturdy design assures that this little guy will last for years to come, no matter how much use it gets.

Another great feature of this item is its ability to focus on objects at different distances. This is perfect for anyone who wants to explore space objects right in their own backyard or even at a local park. The telescope lens can be adjusted easily so that it focuses on whatever object you choose to explore. This makes it especially fun for young children who are just beginning to explore space objects.

I got the gskyer telescope az50350 a month ago and I love it. I really enjoy stargazing and this product has brought it to a whole new level! The gskyer telescope az50350 comes with everything you need to start viewing the stars. It’s easy to set up and easy to use.

I have no experience with star gazing but it was easy for me to figure out how to use this product. The gskyer telescope az50350 is made up of 98% metal and has a high quality lens that can detect faraway stars clearly. I love being able to see more stars than I ever could before. Even on a cloudy night you can still see thousands of stars with the gskyer telescope az50350.

I highly recommend this product to anyone who loves astronomy, especially beginners! It’s great for helping you learn more about the sky and what’s out there, and with its sturdy build, you know it won’t break easily.

The telescope comes with its own mount and tripod, which will keep the scope steady so you can see the objects clearly. It also includes a 2x Barlow lens and moon filter, which will increase the size of objects you can see and help keep out the light from bright sources like street lamps. 

The eyepieces are interchangeable which means you can adapt the telescope for whatever kind of viewing experience you’re looking for—you can take close-up shots or watch in panoramic view. The Gskyer telescope is easy to set up and perfect for beginners, but it still has enough flexibility to grow with you as your interest grows into deeper study of space.


Eye Piece Lens DescriptionBarlow
Objective Lens Diameter50 Millimeters
Telescope Mount DescriptionAltazimuth Mount
Item Weight3.6 Pounds
Focal Length Description350 millimeters
Item Dimensions LxWxH17.3 x 7.4 x 4.9 inches


  1. Powerful Magnification

The telescope has a powerful magnification that allows you to see objects clearly from space. It has an aperture of 50mm, which allows you to get more light into the lens and thus increase its power. The aperture also allows you to see distant objects without any distortion or loss of detail.

  1. Lightweight Design

This type of telescope has a lightweight design that makes it easy for people to carry around when they go camping or hiking on weekends or during vacations. The lightweight design means that you can easily carry this type of telescope on your shoulder or backpack while you are traveling around town or exploring nature at home or abroad.

  1. High-Quality Optical Lens

The telescope comes with a high-quality optical lens, which can provide you with a clear and crisp viewing experience.

  1. Adjustable Tripod

The adjustable tripod allows you to adjust the height of the telescope to get a better viewing angle. It also has a 360 degree rotatable head so that you can adjust it to any angle you want.

  1. Waterproof Design

The waterproof design makes it safe to use even in rainy weather conditions and enables you to enjoy your stargazing sessions anywhere outdoors.

  1. Compatible with All Mobile Devices

The Gskyer Az50350 is compatible with all mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, as long as they have Bluetooth connectivity capabilities. You can connect your device with the telescope via Bluetooth and enjoy stargazing from the comfort of your living room!

  1. Super Wide Field of View

The diameter of the objective lens is 50mm, which is much bigger than a standard telescope. You can see more stars in the sky when viewing. It is best choice for beginners.

  1. Compact and Lightweight

This telescope is compact and portable, easy to carry around with you. It comes with a tripod which can be folded up into a small size for storage or transportation. The weight of this telescope is only 1 kg, so you can take it anywhere you want, such as camping, traveling and so on.

  1. Easy To Adjust Focus

The focus knob is located at the top of the tube, which makes it easier to adjust focus while observing objects in the sky or from different distances from you.

Pros and Cons


  • It’s really easy to use.
  • It’s relatively lightweight, weighing less than 3 pounds.
  • The tripod is adjustable so that it can be used from the ground or from a chair.


  • This telescope has only one eyepiece, which makes it difficult to share with other people.

Final thoughts about Gskyer telescope az50350 review

Gskyer Telescope AZ50350 is the perfect way to view the night sky in unparalleled detail. This scope offers a lighter-weight option for beginners, but still maintains all of the advanced technology that gskyer is known for. If you’re thinking about getting into stargazing, or even your first real telescope, this is an excellent choice.

This is a great personal telescope. It is solid, easy to setup and very portable. I also love the tripod and bag that comes with it! The stability of the tripod is amazing as well. Lots of people will be able to carry this around in their car or backpack if that is how you travel. What a great choice for kids that are first starting out!!

Hopefully we’ve made it clear that Gskyer makes a great many excellent telescopes, and they’re reasonably priced, too. Whether you’re an experienced astronomer or just getting into the hobby, Gskyer can provide you with top quality products that will last for years and will continue to give you great viewing experiences for the future. 

If you have any questions about the options we’ve discussed above today, don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the comments section below, or on Facebook and Twitter.

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