Gskyer Telescope 80mm AZ Review in 2022

Gskyer telescopes are known for their extensive features, accessories, and beginner-friendly usage. These telescopes are designed to meet the average requirements of newbies and hobbyist astronomers. Among the diverse range of Gskyer telescopes, one of the most popular ones is Gskyer 80mm telescope.  The Gskyer 80mm AZ telescope is among the latest telescopes from the … Read more

Gskyer Telescope 70mm aperture 400mm Review [2022]

Gskyer Telescope 70mm Aperture 400mm AZ

Gskyer Astronomical 70x400mm is a standard refracting telescope with all the primary features that one seeks in a telescope. Thanks to its affordability and extensivity of specifications, this telescope has become one of the most appreciated Gskyer products.  The key factor about this telescope is that it is incredibly user-friendly and is utterly suitable for … Read more

How to Use Gskyer Telescope

How does a star look through a GSKYER telescope? That was my ultimate question. I was thinking about getting one for myself when I came across Gskyer. How does a star look through a GSKYER telescope? In this Hubble Guide Blog, we show you how a star would look like when zoomed in by a … Read more

5 Best Gskyer Telescopes Accessories That Can Be Used in 2022

Gskyer telescopes are known for their robust quality and affordable price range. But the functionality of a telescope remains incomplete until it is paired with optimal accessories. Though Gskyer telescope accessories come in quite an extensive range, they are not suitable for professional telescoping tasks.  Professional quality telescopes can cost up to hundreds to thousands … Read more