5 Best Gskyer Telescopes Accessories That Can Be Used in 2022

Gskyer telescopes are known for their robust quality and affordable price range. But the functionality of a telescope remains incomplete until it is paired with optimal accessories. Though Gskyer telescope accessories come in quite an extensive range, they are not suitable for professional telescoping tasks. 

Professional quality telescopes can cost up to hundreds to thousands of dollars. However, a viable way to uplift the quality of a telescope is to replace or elevate its accessories. 

Since the Gskyer telescope parts are replaceable, including the eyepieces thus, one can change these accessories with high-quality ones. By doing so, the quality of the accessories will be uplifted without sacrificing the affordability factor.

Besides, not all the necessary telescoping equipment like moon and sun filters come with these telescopes. Thus, you would be required to buy them for the precise functioning of the telescope. 

Check out the following context if you want to replace the accessories of the Gskyer telescope with some professional quality products. The products mentioned below are considered the best alternatives for the Gskyer telescope accessories. They pair finely with the Gskyer’s telescoping tube and efficiently enhance the overall functionality of the telescope. 

SVBONY Telescope Eyepiece Set

Key Features 

  • This set consists of three eyepieces.
  • It includes a 2X Barlow lens.
  • This set consists of 4 Element Plossl designs.
  • The eyepieces have a soft rubber guard that protects the eyes of the wearer.
  • The black color of these eyepieces reduces the scattering of light.
  • Eyepiece caps are included in this set.

Product Description 

SVBONY telescoping eyepiece comes with three eyepiece lenses. The focal length of these eyepieces is 40mm, 32mm, and 4mm, respectively. SVBONY has introduced a wide range of focal lengths in its eyepieces. That is why these eyepieces can be employed for multiple telescoping purposes. 

The 40mm eyepiece can be used for observing nebulae, comets, and clusters of stars. Similarly, the lens having a focal length of up to 32mm can be used to observe stars and the planets’ surface. This eyepiece is also suitable for studying the internal structure of bright nebulae. 

However, the most functional eyepiece in the entire set has a focal length of about 4mm. This eyepiece is dedicated to the detailed studying of stars, planets, other celestial bodies.

These three eyepieces work together in a telescope and overall provide a sufficient magnification for the thorough study of the celestial bodies. 

Moreover, these accessories also come with a 2X Barlow lens. Though usually with the telescopes like Gskyer telescope AZ70400 accessories, a 3X Barlow lens comes, which is more efficient than the one coming in this set. 

Still, for the price value of this set, this magnification of a Barlow lens seems to be enough. This Barlow lens can be paired with any eyepiece. By doing so, the magnification of that eyepiece will ultimately increase by the magnification of the Barlow lens. 

Talking about the quality of these eyepieces, the eyepieces and the lenses are pretty robust. At the end of these eyepieces, rubber is used. It allows a comfortable observation experience at the viewer’s end. 

Furthermore, the eyepieces’ body and the lens are also colored black. It is done to ensure that the light does not scatter. It will ultimately increase the contrast and, thus, the functionality of the accessories. 


  • Inexpensive
  • Extensive range of focal lengths
  • Comes with a 2X Barlow lens
  • Reduced scattering of light
  • Suitable for a wide range of uses
  • Comfortable viewing


  • Some customers report thread issues

SVBONY Telescope Lens Set (3 Eyepieces) 

Key Features 

  • This lens set comes with three eyepieces.
  • No Barlow lens comes with this set.
  • These are multi-coated eyepieces responsible for their high magnification.
  • The eyepieces are created by an ‘Anti-lost’ design
  • The coating of these eyepieces is anti-reflective. 
  • These eyepieces are viable for wide-field and lunar study.

Product Description 

This is another SVBONY telescoping set suitable for use with the Gskyer telescopes. The focal length of these eyepieces is about 23mm, 10mm, and 4mm, respectively. 

In terms of the magnification range of eyepieces, this telescoping set is pretty good. The 4mm eyepiece is again used for observing the details of the celestial bodies. 

While the remaining two eyepieces can be used for locating them in the space. All these eyepieces work together in a telescoping set to give an impressive magnification range.

However, unlike the previous set of accessories, this one does not include a Barlow lens. That is why its overall magnification does not become as impressive as the first set. But as mentioned earlier, many Gskyer products like Gskyer telescope 600x90mm accessories come with a Barlow lens. Thus, you can pair these sets of lenses with the Barlow lens from Gskyer sets. 

These eyepieces are multi-layer coated with an anti-reflective material. This is done to ensure that the light does not scatter too much through the eyepieces. With less scattering of light, eyepieces can function better as their contrast rate will enhance by doing so.

This set of telescoping accessories is specifically designed for lunar observation. Thus, these eyepieces are considered the best for studying bright celestial bodies like moons, planets, and stars. 

Besides, this set’s eyepieces are also separately available over the online market. Thus, you can buy the desired eyepiece from the set. 


  • Affordable
  • Excellent set for lunar observation
  • Coated with anti-reflective material
  • Structured with Anti-lost design
  • Eyepieces are also available separately


  • The set does not come with a Barlow lens

Gosky Telescope Accessory Kit

Key Features

  • This accessory set comes with four eyepieces.
  • One Barlow lens also comes with this set.
  • This set also includes a diagonal.
  • The eyepieces also come with plastic caps.

Product Description 

This telescoping set comes with four eyepieces. Two eyepieces have a focal length of 20mm and 12.5mm. In comparison, the focal length of the other two eyepieces is about 6mm and 4mm, respectively. The magnification of these eyepieces is much better than the other eyepieces, as it provides a better range of magnification. 

These eyepieces are the best for studying the details of celestial objects. However, out of all these eyepieces, there is no single eyepiece with a larger focal length. And might not be suitable for just observing planets from a certain distance without actually studying their details.

The set also comes with a Barlow lens. It has a magnification of about 3X. Thus, it is the same Barlow lens. But one accessory that does not come along the Gskyer telescopes is diagonal. 

It is an accessory used to direct the light towards the eyepieces. With greater light projected to the eyepieces via the diagonal, the eyepieces will work better and give you a better view.


  • Extensive eyepieces
  • Good for observing details
  • Comes with a Barlow lens
  • The set also includes a diagonal
  • Comes with plastic covers for eyepieces


  • Customers have reported issues with the diagonal

Gskyer Telescope Moon Filter 

Key Features 

  • The aperture of this filter is about 30mm.
  • It transmits only 13% of the moonlight.
  • This filter is made with aluminum.
  • Standard quality filter threads are used.
  • It comes with a plastic case.

Product Description

Though Gskyer telescope accessories are extensive, it still does not have a filter. If you want to observe the moon without damaging your eyes or putting a strain on it, then having a moon filter is pretty obligatory. 

With Gskyer telescope parts, this moon filter pairs perfectly. This filter can transmit up to 13% of the light from the moon. This percentage of light transmission is more than enough for observing different moons.

Moreover, if you want to study the details of the different planet moons, then this moon filter can help you in this regard as well. Unlike many poor-quality filters, this moon filter won’t distract you from enjoying the details of the moon.

 Besides, the customer reviews for this filter over different platforms are also great. Thus, this accessory will make a great addition to your Gskyer telescope accessories.


  • Pairs perfectly with the Gskyer telescope
  • Safe for studying details of moons


  • Expensive 

Gosky Cell Phone Adaptor

Key Features 

  • It is mostly made with zinc alloy.
  • The phone clamp is made of PA plastic.
  • Compatible with telescopes and a range of other items.

Product Description

If you want to take pictures of your observations via a smartphone, having a phone holder attached to your telescope is necessary. This phone holder is one of the best in this regard. It couples well with Gskyer telescope parts

Talking about Gskyer telescope phone mount instructions, then this phone adaptor is not that difficult to attach with the telescope. All you will need to do is attach the phone holder with the telescoping rod so that it faces the viewer’s end. In this way, it will capture the images of the observations you have made via the telescope. 

In terms of quality, then it is also robust and pretty optimal. The major part of this phone holder is made of zinc alloy. In terms of durability, zinc alloy is much better than aluminum. Thus, there are no doubts regarding the durability of the body of this phone adapter. 

But the phone clamp is made of PA plastic. Though it is pretty sturdy, it still is made of plastic. Therefore, it can break with a little more pressure.


  • Perfect for use with Gskyer telescopes
  • Robust zinc alloy body


  • The plastic clamp can break with a little more tension

Conclusion: Why These Accessories Are Considered The Best For Gskyer Telescopes/

Not all sorts of telescoping accessories can be compatible with the Gskyer telescope or Gskyer telescope parts. Therefore, these were some of the best accessories paired up with the Gskyer telescopes. 

Besides quality-wise, these sets of accessories are also robust and durable. Overall, their customer reviews are also better than many other accessories that claim to be viable for coupling with the Gskyer telescopes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Are the eyepieces included in the Gskyer telescope replaceable?

Yes, all the eyepieces that come with the Gskyer telescopes are replaceable. This makes these telescopes incredibly functional as they can be upgraded with separate sets of eyepieces.

  • Are Gskyer telescopes affordable?

Gskyer telescope range is undoubtedly the most inexpensive. Moreover, all the accessories coming along with these telescopes are also replaceable. Thus, these features make the Gskyer telescopes even more functional and accessible.

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